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Planter box with address: Porch Planter A1566N

Planter box with address: Porch Planter A1566N

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Bring a bit of beauty to the outside of your home with the Porch Planter! This planter box features a unique design that not only provides a beautiful container for your plants, but also displays your address in bold fashion. Place it on your porch and enjoy home decor with a personal touch.

Our welcome planters are made from premium pine.  The bottom is left open for drainage.

Our Planters are 48" tall and 11x5" wide.  They include a platform insert so that you may place a tall or short plant in your box. 

We have selected an extreme high quality wood and outdoor rated hardware for this project to help the longevity of the product. However with any wood in humid climates or that you are planning to add water to, It is HIGHLY recommended you seal the inside of your planter 2x a year to help prevent wood rot.  We believe in our product and use it in our own homes, but can not be held responsible for longevity if proper care is not followed.  

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